Former conservatives gain prominence in Macron's new government
August 12, 2020

Former conservatives gain prominence in Macron’s new government

PARIS (FRANCE) – French finance minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Tuesday a recovery plan focussed on firms to boost the economy. Maire, who was re-appointed, said he would not lose control over spending in the new government where conservatives have influence.

In the new government, former conservatives are in charge of important portfolios, which experts see as a sign that President Emmanuel Macron will have to woo voters from the centre-right.

“Believe me, we will not give up on the supply-side policies which had already helped us win on the industrial front,” Le Maire said.

“Our recovery plan will be green,” he said. But he added: “it is out of the question that economic stimulus gets done at the expense of well-managed public accounts over the long term.”

Promising to slash corporate taxes ease curbs to fuel growth and create more jobs, Macron came into power in 2017. But the depression reversed some hard-fought gains.

He also reshaped the political landscape by roping in ministers from the left and right. On Monday, he let go of several former Socialist ministers, while promoting those from the conservative ranks.

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