Food security continues to be a concern for China, amid pandemic
September 30, 2020

Food security continues to be a concern for China

SHANGHAI (CHINA) – China’s biggest short-video platforms said on Thursday that users found wasting food in their broadcasts will be punished. So-called “big stomach kings” would be clamped down as the government calls out food wastage amid the pandemic.

President Xi Jinping said it was “shameful” that food was wasted this week. It was seen as a growing trend among internet celebrities who have garnered umpteen number of fans by hogging on to food in a short time on video. Curbs will be imposed on such videos.

Short-video platform Douyin, owned by ByteDance, said users would now be diverted by prompts asking them to “reject waste and eat reasonably”, who at first search for keywords such as “eating broadcast” or “big stomach kings”.

Douyin said in a statement, “With respect to any actions that waste food, once discovered, the platform will at the first moment impose penalties according to the degree of the violations. We call on users to cherish food.”

Xi on Tuesday emphasised on maintaining a sense of responsibility about food security, while at the same time encouraging local governments to launch campaigns on the same.

Another short-video platform Kuaishou said on Thursday it would close any live broadcasts or ban accounts if users were found to be promoting food wastage. “We call on users to not overeat while creating,” it said.

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