Fashion designer Yana keeps the ‘flame’ going and glowing
August 7, 2020

Fashion designer Yana keeps the ‘flame’ going and glowing

Multi-award winner and famous artist Yana Flame, designer of Yana Flame Queen Couture and executive producer of Flame International Fashion and Art Festival, is elated that the new edition of the event is all set to be showcased. Though a prominent businesswoman, she says the road to success has not been as easy as anyone presumes.

She says, “I put in front of me unrealistic goals and I go and get them with vigour. After each step and achievement, I always say, ‘This is just a beginning. A great future awaits me’.”

The ideals she upholds are sure to instill confidence in any aspiring artist and drive them to keep trying. “If you can’t get what you want even if you have tried many times, never give up! If something doesn’t work, change the strategy, not your goal.”

Yana takes pride in her achievements, especially for moulding her brand ‘Yana Flame Couture’. Having been introduced in London, it has now expanded its wings and is recognised internationally.

Ask her how the journey started, and she says, “I made a lot of drawings and dresses for all my dolls, as a child. I used to always help my friends with their style of clothing. My grandmother was a fur tailor, and my mother created and made all her outfits inspired from patterns from the magazine Burda.”  Growing up in a creative family has helped her become the creative artist that she is today, she says.

Given that London traditionally has a lot of high class Balls, she got the first taste of her big Russian Ball in London. The beautiful ball gowns became her inspiration.

“My first big step came in 2017, when I tailored with my hands my first bespoke collection of evening dresses named Bohemian Dreams in spring. I showcased them in Rome Fashion Week, where more than 120 designers from around the world were present.”

The collection went on to grab the sixth place in the Alta Moda category. “It was the memorable event in my life and marked the beginning of my art and fashion career. I created five different style collections from embroidered lingerie, casual creative day wear to haute couture dresses in the same year and took them around the world so many times.”

She transitioned from fashion designer to an event festival organiser in no time, and one cannot help but ask her how she aces in both worlds. She says, “The idea began after a successful experience in Rome In the Autumn of 2017, I successfully organised my first project Festival Slavic Fashion Fill Rouge in Paris, and then in the summer of 2018, I did my second event in International festival – Italy Edition. Towards the end of 2018, I put together my first production of my own Flame International Fashion and Art Festival in London.”

Last year saw three more successful editions of FIFAF19 in London. She beams with joy when she says, “I am very proud of my achievements. I have already showcased six editions of Flame international festivals. Hundreds of participants from over 50 countries have attended my festival projects.”

Flame Festival is a young and ambitious project, created to support young talents from the sphere of fashion and art. “I know from my own experience how difficult it is to break through when you are alone. Though you are without support, without the finances and other factors, you have your main treasure – this is your talent – a priceless gift. This is why the world needs you to push forward towards your dream. I want to help make these dreams come true.”

Before signing off, Yana sure has a list of umpteen future projects that she has so vividly envisioned. “I will create some projects in London, and new ones will be coming in Marbella Spain, Italy, Dubai and Miami and other countries this year.”

“I want to make the name ‘Flame’ more popular worldwide and do my productions in other countries. Also, I will have more time to concentrate on my art and design and will soon have an amazing collection of Art Work and New Bespoke Design.”

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