Facebook removes Romania-based small pro-Trump network
September 29, 2020

Facebook removes Romania-based small pro-Trump network for flouting norms

SAN FRANCISCO (US) – Social media giant Facebook said on Thursday that it recently removed a network of accounts from Romania promoting President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign with narratives about his support from conservatives, Christians, Blacks and followers of the QAnon web of conspiracy theories.

A good number of the 35 Facebook and 88 Instagram accounts posed as Americans, and some of them handled Trump fan pages. But their inauthentic behaviour prompted the social media company to take action. In addition to misleading people about their location, some account holders ran multiple personas with similar names, posting the same content, said Facebook.

Their network was small with only 1,600 following the Facebook pages and 7,200 tracking the Instagram accounts.

According to Facebook security policy head Nathaniel Gleicher, it was not clear if the group was led by money, ideology or government directive.

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