European bloc failed to stem the decline of bees and butterflies: Auditors

European bloc failed to stem the decline of bees and butterflies: Auditor

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM) – Auditors said on Thursday that the measures taken by European bloc members to protect bees and butterflies and stem their steady decline have proven to be largely ineffective.

The European Court of Auditors examined the effectiveness of the European Commission’s framework of measures targeting the protection of species that also include wasps and beetles.

They said such policies do not help with the protection of pollinators.

Beekeepers in western Europe have complained of a drop in the number of bees and loss of colonies over the past 15 years, the European Food Safety Authority said.

European lawmakers also said this could affect 76% of food production in Europe that depends on pollination.

The auditors blamed the EU rules on pesticides as the main cause of wild pollinator losses.

Auditors said the legislation currently in force includes “risk assessments based on guidance which is outdated and poorly aligned with legal requirements and the latest scientific knowledge”.

To protect bees, the Commission said it wants to cut the use of chemical pesticides by 50% and to reduce fertiliser use by 20% by 2030.

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