EU health body to assess risks posed by poor ventilation in work places
October 19, 2020

EU health body to assess risks posed by poor ventilation in work places

BRUSSELS (BELGIUM) – The threat of transmission of coronavirus through the air has prompted the EU’s public health body to assess risks posed by ventilation systems and other settings at workplaces.

The bid by the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDP) shows its commitment to tackle the spread of infection through fine airborne mists known as aerosols. Last week, the WHO had acknowledges its threat to health.

It is believed that the virus spreads mainly through contaminated droplets. But the ECDC has warned of its spread through aerosols. It poses an extra risk in closed spaces with poor ventilation. It could be a highly risky during winter when people are indoors.

However, Andrea Ammon, who heads the ECDC, said there was no evidence to ascertain the proportion of cases resulting from aerosols rather than droplets.

WHO came under pressure from the scientific community, which penned a letter, urging it to acknowledge the potential for airborne spread of novel coronavirus

After several plants in Europe reported localised outbreaks, Ammon said the ECDC was assessing risks in the workplace.

“We are working on a technical report on occupational settings and risk factors for such outbreaks,” she said, adding threats posed by poor ventilation were being examined.

Social distancing norms and hygiene guidelines are aimed at preventing any sort of contact with droplets of saliva or mucous of carriers while coughing or sneezing.

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