Entrepreneur Varsha Srinivas makes Malayali diaspora in UAE
September 29, 2020
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Varsha Srinivas makes Indian diaspora in UAE proud by volunteering to get COVID-19 shot

ABU DHABI (UAE) – Varsha Srinivas, a member of the Indian diaspora from the south Indian state of Kerala in the UAE, has made her community proud by volunteering to get vaccinated recently with a COVID-19 vaccine in the human trials stage in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The shot is developed by Sinopharm CNBG and it has been examined and approved by UAE health authorities.

In an exclusive interview with British Herald, Varsha says how she volunteered for the trial. “It is all about trust. I have seen the efforts of the UAE health agencies and the bravery of its leaders to try the vaccine. And, I have heard about the trials from friends and news reports. So, there was no fear at all,” says the Abu Dhabi-based entrepreneur.

She goes on to say how she got to know about the vaccine. “I have been following the news, and it is very inspiring to know that Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health chairman Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Bin Butti himself volunteered to take his first coronavirus shot. I was very much motivated to go for the vaccine trial,” Varsha says.

Exclusive Interview with Varsha Srinivas

Varsha, who runs Fame Media Productions, says she registered on the website www.4humanity.ae launched by the Abu Dhabi government. “I got a text message after that. They called me for an assessment in Abu Dhabi vaccination centre,” says the mother of two.

Asked whether she had any apprehensions before taking the vaccine, Varsha says: “I was confident and relaxed. Initially, my family was concerned about my health. When I told them that I feel good after taking the vaccine and it is safe, they were fine. The UAE government has been very supportive.”

The injection was given on her left shoulder. “Before doing that, the experts inquired about my medical history and gave me a few more pieces of information about the vaccine. They said a volunteer should be above 18 years and below 60 years. A nursing mom is not allowed to take the trial and so are those who are planning to get pregnant shortly.”

She says the ones going for the trial will feel a slight pain in the injected area, and there might be a change in body temperature.

She encourages fellow Malayalis to take the leap of faith: “Let us be thankful that despite all the negative impact of the coronavirus, the key efforts of the government have helped in finding solutions for all its residents. I am encouraging everyone to take a step forward in getting the vaccine. It has been proven and there is nothing to be afraid of.”

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