English rugby contracts need to be revamped, says Genge
November 30, 2020

English rugby contracts need to be revamped, says Genge

LONDON (UK) – Contracts in English rugby are outdated and the game has to revamp its approach if it has to make progress, said Leicester Tigers prop Ellis Genge.

Genge, 25, had earlier demanded more independent players’ union as dissatisfaction grew among professionals over how clubs and authorities handled pay slashes because of the pandemic.

“You’ve still got contracts from 20 years ago and the game’s changed monumentally. You can imagine some of the weird stuff written in them,” Genge said.

“For us as a game to get off the ground … you see football, there are so many intricacies in their contracts and the way they’re written, some of the mad clauses.”

The player said everyone in English rugby had the “exact same contract” unless there was a match bonus.

“… In France it’s a bit different with houses and cars,” he added. “The only thing that is different is the figure, which is crazy because every player is different. They should be able to open it up and really get creative with it.”

After the pandemic broke out, several Premiership clubs asked their players to take 25% pay slashes in April. This made Genge suggest forming a new players’ body.

“Hopefully it’ll spark a conversation,” the England prop said.

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