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January 22, 2022

Emerging Technologies and Marketing Strategies with Wharf Street Strategies Ltd

Companies retain their monotony, but the irony is they still expect an upward scale in their growth. The sky is the limit for emerging technologies and marketing techniques as showcased by Wharf Street Strategies limited, however, remaining innovative is very essential in this space.

Any business needs to know the right technology to fulfil its requirement, apart from this an effective digital marketing strategy needs to be put in place to penetrate respective markets.

Wharf Street Strategies Limited (WSSL), adds value to companies of all sizes with appropriate technology, to reach its customers and respond to industry needs. WSSL provides enhanced digital marketing techniques and tools to strategize and monetize accordingly in the respective sectors. “Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Mixed Reality imbibed with our corporate experience, can ensure clients to achieve their business goals,” says founder Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

WSSL aims to provide technology and marketing solutions, specific to the client’s needs. This involves a trendy website, logo and online branding, video content, digital marketing, mobile apps or product development which could be a one-off or subscription-based, depending on the need for the same.

Wharf Street Strategies Limited works closely on R&D, working out of the box to leverage artificial intelligence technology. They plan to use sensor technology to convert thoughts into texts and visuals. Combining this with a mixed reality device, could potentially reduce the usage of phones and create a breakthrough,” claims Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

WSSL is dedicatedly working on creating a database with universities, students and corporate to leverage on machine learning technology. This will help predict the trending behaviour of users from the analytics of data sets. The best part is that users would know who has access to their information and control the same. WSSL is using its expertise to streamline this approach.

“A traditional mindset for a simple lead generation wouldn’t grow a company anymore. Exposure to the global market by reading, travelling and interacting to find scope in different markets, is what will help in knowledge enhancement leading to potential growth and change in mindset,” says CEO Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

‘One-Stop Enterprise Solution’

Venkatesh is an engineer by background and has served as a board member to multiple blockchains, payment and fintech start-ups, after completing his master’s in finance and operations. Providing them with his expertise for unique content, strategic marketing, operations, and fundraising, whilst preparing his foundation for WSSL in 2018.

He set up WSSL in 2018 after being sponsored for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur in the UK. The company is currently valued at £3.3 million as of 26th, Feb 2020, has a base in London at Canary Wharf and in Mumbai at Vashi. It is currently expanding its presence in the US and the Middle East.

“I have a dedicated team of 18 coming from different professional backgrounds. In all my experience I have learned the key to success is to imbibe effective training with the vision of the company to each team member. This has helped us to scale exponentially in less than a year,” he explains.

Some key issues tackled by WSSL to gain traction are unaligned activities involving overlap to improve coordination and inconvenience faced with multiple service providers. Now, many Start-Ups, SMEs and private individuals have identified WSSL for its quality services. The company offers a transaction-based project or a subscription-based service making it a one-stop solution for businesses.

“The thought process to identify this market with effective strategies and start WSSL, came from reading, travelling and interacting. Global exposure while solving and witnessing multiple scenarios worldwide, in-turn fine-tunes one’s mindset to open-ness, think out of the box and bring about a change from traditional business monotony,” says CEO Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

Leverage on Emerging Technology

Mr Venkatesh cites the example of his premium property client, also involved in manufacturing who needed assistance in using the right technology and marketing to meet his business objectives. WSSL created bespoke content for the business model, a unique website, an explanatory video with animation and blockchain technology to create an eco-system to monetize on digital assets.

He stresses that effective digital marketing can make or break any business. For example, companies need to be on top of their search engine optimization and use the right keywords to gain higher rankings on search engines such as Google in order to drive traffic to their website. He knows it is essential to remain innovative in this sector and he has identified additional opportunities from social media platforms. He wants to use them to practice different marketing strategies, generate awareness of clients’ products and services and increase revenues.

Click here for the link to his book on Amazon, published on Feb 17th,2020 for more insights.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI), meanwhile, can mean big savings, because employees are able to complete tasks more efficiently. Meanwhile, investing in machine learning algorithms enables companies to analyze big data and act on the findings faster. When it comes to deep technology such as AI and blockchain, Mr. Venkatesh is confident it will soon become part of the mainstream. He points to research by the World Economic Forum (WEF) which claims that 10pc of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027. Improved financial inclusion in emerging markets could be one of the benefits of blockchain penetration, says the WEF.

“When you add social media to the potential of deep technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning that are still being explored, companies would benefit from dynamic market changes by effectively analysing user’s behaviour”, says founder Venkatesh Krishnamurthy.

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