Deutsche Telekom refutes report on strengthening partnership with Huawei
August 13, 2020

Deutsche Telekom refutes report on strengthening partnership with Huawei

BERLIN (GERMANY) – Deutsche Telekom on Tuesday dismissed a report that it had bolstered its business relationship with China’s Huawei despite warnings from security authorities.

Handelsblatt newspaper earlier on Tuesday referred to confidential documents as showing the German firm increasing its dependency on Huawei. It was cited that they are relying on the same as a supplier for its 5G network and broadband expansion, cloud service and television offering.

It said Telekom had also asked Huawei to give it a technological advantage in Germany over its competitors so as to make it the country’s top 5G network provider.

It added that the two firms had agreed to increasingly rely on “U.S.-free” network components for Telekom’s 5G network.

A spokesman for Deutsche Telekom said the Handelsblatt report was “contrary to the reality”. It was added that the Bonn-based firm had cut down its business with Huawei in the past three years.

The spokesman said, “Deutsche Telekom has said on several occasions that it is entirely doing away with Chinese providers in security-critical areas such as core mobile network.”

Handelsblatt had cited a Huawei spokesman as he said that the Chinese firm had never tried to hide its close relationship with Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom is not in favour of any blanket bans on foreign vendors of telecoms network equipment as it believes it would affect its flexibility.

Berlin has been turning down US calls to exclude the Chinese company from its telecoms networks on grounds of national security.

Last month, the German government said it would not sanction rules on installing components in the mobile communications network that is expected to adopt 5G services in future until at least September.

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