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January 21, 2022

Destination Africa

Destination Africa- for tourism, lessons in sustainability and business investment.

The allure of African tourism, both local and international, has only been magnified by the standstill of the pandemic. The subsequent reopening is highly awaited by local and international populations. The biodiversity of the continent is second to none- from historical sites, game parks, wildlife reserves, mountains, beaches and deserts. The multi-terrain nature makes the continent a popular choice for local tourists looking to interchange backdrops and international tourists hoping to get a feel of this bountiful flora and fauna. There’s something for everyone- work, play, adventure or relax. With budget friendly lodges to luxury beach resorts and premium glamping sites, a well-rounded visit to Africa is sure to tick all the right boxes.

With the guiding principles of responsible tourism setting the tone with a rollout for post-pandemic reopening by 2022, the future of African tourism is on the right path to flourish. Being at the helm of clean energy, Africa’s future is clean, green and in line with sustainable development.

Africa is also an emerging hotspot of business investment. Over the past decade, the continent has made its mark on the world map with the leap in opportunities it has opened up for the youth and those aspiring to expand their business footprint. The postpandemic world will welcome an influx of investments setting it on the route for global domination on the economic front.

Welcome to the destination of the future- Africa!

(Cover story On British Herald Magazine- By Neha Vinod )

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