Despite surge of infections, Ardern likely to hold vote next month
September 27, 2020

Despite surge of infections, Ardern likely to hold general election next month

WELLINGTON (NEW ZEALAND) – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand will decide on Monday whether or not to hold the general election on September 19. Analysts feel that she is likely to resist the opposition demands for postponing the polls because of the surge in coronavirus cases.

With a population of just 5 million people, New Zealand has fared better than most countries during the outbreak of the pandemic. But the recent outbreak of infections in the largest city of Auckland has left authorities worried.

On Saturday as many as seven new cases were reported.

Analysts believe that the prime minister will go ahead with the elections next month.

The opposition National Party wants the election to be delayed as they believe that she would lose some of her sheen once the hardships of the lockdown kick in.

“She is a savvy politician,” said Grant Duncan, professor of politics at Massey University. “It pays for the government to have an election sooner rather than later, while the opposition wants it delayed.”

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