Democrats and Biden set their eyes on Republican bastion of Texas
September 26, 2020

Democrats, Biden set their eyes on Republican bastion of Texas

TEXAS (US) – In the wake of a resurgence in coronavirus cases, residents of Texas are not too happy with President Donald Trump’s response, according to a poll. This has given hopes to Democrats who are waiting for a chance to win the state’s presidential battle for the first time in more than forty years.

Of late, the Biden camp has aired ads on TV specifically aimed at Texas voters. It is the first time a Democratic presidential candidate is doing so in a quarter-century, said the party.

Democrats have targeted Texas and other Republican strongholds with a $280 million advertising blitz, which was kickstarted last week.

Surveys show Biden has a lead over Trump across the country and he is tied in Texas. So Democrats believe that a concerted effort in that state could expand his chances of winning.

But there are doubts whether Texas will become a swing state.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Cotten said Democrats were “delusional” for hoping to win over Texas.

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