Crucial state of Florida witnesses early voting on Monday
October 26, 2021

Crucial state of Florida witnesses early voting as campaign enters closing lap

FLORIDA (US) – Early voting got underway in Florida, a crucial battleground state, for the presidential election on Monday. A record 28 million Americans have already cast their vote with just two weeks remaining in the campaign.

Polls show that President Donald Trump is losing the race and he is slated to visit Arizona on Monday after addressing a rally in Nevada on Sunday. He will urge his supporters to vote although it is evident that the Democrats are leading the surge in early voting.

Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden will spend the day at his home in Delaware while his running mate Senator Kamala Harris will travel to Florida to urge people to vote early.

Trump has to secure Florida or else his chances to victory become razor-thin. The state’s prize of 29 votes is tied with New York for third-most, behind only California and Texas, in the battle for the 270 Electoral College votes which determine who heads for the White House.

The campaigns of Trump and Biden have pumped money into Florida. In fact, the Democrat has outspent his Republican rival.

After her aide tested positive for coronavirus, Harris was given a clean bill of health and she will take part in early-vote rallies in Orlando and Jacksonville.

The president will address rallies in Prescott and in Tucson, Arizona.

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