Croatia, Slovenia tighten anti-coronavirus measures
November 23, 2020

Croatia, Slovenia tighten anti-coronavirus measures

ZAGREB (CROATIA) – Croatia has tightened measures this week to fight the coronavirus after its daily cases surpassed 2,000 over the weekend. It has ordered the use of masks outdoors and recommended work from home wherever possible.

Slovenia, its northwestern neighbour in the European Union, will permit citizens to leave their municipal areas only in times of emergency, after having reported 1,675 new infections on Sunday.

On Monday, Croatia reported 828 infections, down from Sunday’s one-day record of 2,421 new cases. Normally, the number of reported cases is likely to be less on Mondays, as comparatively less testing is done over the weekend.

Croats will now have to wear masks outdoors whenever it is not possible to maintain the required physical distance.

Public gatherings are limited to no more than 50. Only 30 people, at the most, are allowed to attend weddings or funerals. Family gatherings can have up to 15 people.

Bosnia, which is another Croatian neighbour, saw a spike in virus infections in the past week, with active cases rising nearly 60% to 13,348 on Sunday.

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