UK moving too slow to stem surge in COVID-19 infections: Govt adviser
October 27, 2020

Country moving too slow to stem surge in COVID-19 infections: Government adviser

LONDON (UK) – A government adviser said on Saturday that the country was moving too slowly when it came to stemming the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases because of a lag between case numbers and fatalities.

Graham Medley, a professor of infectious disease modelling, said he has fears of the country ending up in a situation it had tried to avoid.

“My concern is the lag, is the fact that we end up in a position that we didn’t intend to, either government or the population …, because the numbers of deaths at the moment look very low, even though, as scientists, we say look infections are increasing,” he told BBC Radio.

“And unfortunately that lag means that we don’t act soon enough,” Medley, who is part of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) which advises the government.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed tougher curbs to stem the spread of the pandemic, urging people to work from home once again and ordering pubs and restaurants to close early.

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon told households to desist from mingling indoors.

Medley said SAGE was yet to discuss the impact of closing the hospitality sector on infection rates.

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