Christian religious leaders ask to give Lebanon's cabinet a chance
November 24, 2020
Middle East

Christian religious leaders ask to give Lebanon’s cabinet a chance

BEIRUT – On Tuesday, Christian religious authorities in Lebanon requested anti-government protesters to offer some breathing room to the new government to traverse the country’s dire financial crisis.

They also condemned the “mob assaults” on security forces, a frequent feature in recent marches.

Several protesters rejected the government formed not too long ago by Hezbollah and allies without the major political parties like the Lebanese Forces (LF) participating.

Last October, demonstrations commences against a political elite who was blamed for steering the country into its worst crisis. Protesters clashed with security forces and the violent nature of the protest led to Beirut demanding an independent cabinet.

The Christian religious leaders stressed the right for peaceful demonstrations as the people demand reform but reject mobs.

The summit was called by Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rai and several Lebanese Christian sect patriarchs were present too. The communique of the meeting was read out in local media live broadcasts.

The leaders believed that some room must be given to the government to take on their responsibilities. They also called on the international community and other Arab states to lend their support to Lebanon.

Lebanon’s sectarian political system lends out state positions based on religious sects and the presidency is always reserved for a Maronite Christian.

Lebanon’s financial crisis finds its roots in corruption and waste.

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