Chinese incursion forces Taiwan air force to flex muscles with IDFs
February 27, 2021

Chinese incursion forces Taiwan air force to flex muscles with IDFs

TAINAN (TAIWAN) – Air force jets of Taiwan roared into the sky on Tuesday in a drill, simulating a war scenario and displaying its battle preparedness after dozens of Chinese fighter aircraft flew into the island’s air defence zone over the weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, Chinese fighters and nuclear weapons-enabled bombers made their way into the southwestern part of the island’s air defence identification zone prompting Taipei to be on the edge. This happened at a time when a US carrier group entered the South China Sea.

In order to intercept China’s fighters, the air base in the city of Tainan frequently scrambles its F-CK-1 Ching-kuo Indigenous Defence Fighters (IDF).

As the alarm bell rang, flight crew from the First Tactical Fighter Wing rushed to prepare two IDFs for take off within five minutes. They are armed with US-manufactured Sidewinders and domestically-developed Wan Chien air-to-ground cruise missiles.

When reacting to Chinese jets, Taiwanese fighter aircraft take off with guns, sidewinders and indigenously made Sky Sword missiles, said Colonel Lee Ching-shi.

“We are ready,” he said, adding that “We will not give up one inch of our territory.”

Four aircraft carried out tactical formation landing and rolling take off drills as they thundered from the runway.

The US urged China to desist from pressuring Taiwan and reaffirmed its commitment to the island.

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