Catalan leader Torra urges people to remain at home despite court ruling
August 13, 2020

Catalan leader Torra urges people to remain at home despite court ruling

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Though a Spanish judge prevented Catalan authorities from confining 160,000 residents to their homes, the region’s leader exhorted Catalans to stay at home to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Catalan leader Quim Torra said he would issue a new decree making staying at home mandatory.

Curbs across Spain were lifted last months with the pandemic remaining under control.

In the wake of new clusters being reported across the country, especially in northeastern parts of Catalan region, authorities are left with two options- introduce lockdowns in small areas or make wearing of face masks mandatory in public.

Lleida residents have been banned from moving leaving the place since July 4 except for commuting to work.

But the court ruled that the imposition of home confinement did not go through the proper channel.

“What is proposed today goes far beyond a simple limitation of movement and seriously affects constitutionally recognized rights,” Judge Elena Garcia-Munoz Alarcos said.

Torra, who is president of the Catalan regional government, said he could simply not accept such a ruling.

“We cannot understand that there are bureaucratic obstacles in decisions that are taken for the health and life of citizens,” Torra said. “It’s a luxury to lose time with legal resolutions. We cannot allow this.”

The leader said he would ratify a decree on Monday to resolve any legal issues regarding the confinement order.

The decree, which the judge struck down, mandates that people can only leave their home for work, to consult a doctor, buy essential items or engage in sports activities.

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