Cameron throws weight behind internships exclusively for Black students
August 4, 2021

Cameron throws weight behind internships exclusively for Black students

LONDON (UK) – Former Prime Minister David Cameron, along with other important personalities, supported an initiative which was launched on Tuesday to increase the number of internships exclusively for Blacks in finance, law and other sectors.

The 10,000 Black Interns initiative is part of a smaller programme providing similar internships in the fund management sector.

Organisers of the initiative said the employers in the accountancy, education, finance, legal, marketing and recruitment sectors have expressed support.

“This initiative will help build a more inclusive economy that works for everyone,” said the former prime minister.

The initiative also enjoys the support of former Labour Party politicians and the Confederation of British Industry.

Exclusive internships for Blacks are rare in the country. Diversity programmes in the public sector are normally open to Asians and those belonging to minority ethnicity applicants and in some cases to whites from poorer backgrounds.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, in 2018, Black employees on an average earned 9% less per hour than white staff, while those of Chinese and Indian ancestry earned 31% and 12% more respectively.

Black employees earned more than those hailing from Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage.

The gaps narrowed but did not go away when the figures were tweaked for workers’ level of education, age, type of work and other factors, with a 7% shortfall remaining for Black workers born in Britain compared with white employees.

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