British Airways gets working on job cuts, amid pandemic
September 30, 2020

British Airways gets working on job cuts

LONDON (UK) – British Airways said on Friday that plans to reduce 12,000 jobs have been going well as a result of the pandemic. More than 6,000 employees have decided to take voluntary redundancy.

The airline, owned by IAG , will inform the remaining staff whether they still have a job or not. If they still have a job, they will be told if there is a requirement to accept a new contract or stay on their old one.

A spokesman for BA said, “We are having to make difficult decisions and take every possible action now to protect as many jobs as possible.”

However, trade union Unite, has accused BA of trying for big pay reductions for staff. It will continue with organised protests against the airline.

While Unite asserts that the pay cuts go up to 70%, according to British Airways, some cabin crew would see a rise in pay and others would see a 20% reduction in basic pay.

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