Facebook fined in Brazil for not blocking accounts of president supporters
November 23, 2020

Brazil judge penalises Facebook for not blocking accounts of president supporters facing probe

BRASILIA (BRAZIL) – A Supreme Court judge in Brazil imposed a fine of 1.92 million reais ($367,710) on Facebook on Friday for failing to comply with an order to block the accounts of certain supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro who are implicated in a fake news probe.

A day earlier, Justice Alexandre de Moraes had ruled that both Facebook and Twitter refused to comply with orders to block the accounts, saying that they were still accessible with foreign IP addresses.

The judge said that if Facebook does not block the accounts, an additional fine of 100,000 reais per day will be imposed.

On Friday, Facebook said it would appeal the court ruling.

Meanwhile Twitter said it would also appeal the ruling.

The judge had decided in May to block 16 Twitter and 12 Facebook accounts of the president’s supporters implicated in an investigation into spreading fake news during the 2018 election.

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