Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd- USB Type-C Earphones
August 12, 2020

BRAND FEATURE: Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd- USB Type-C Earphones

British Herald brings to you an all-new set of reviews with Brand Feature Videos. We speak to an in-office industry expert who reviews a product from a China-based factory.

About the Factory:

Today’s brand feature video is from an absolutely spectacular company called Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd. The factory is based in the Maozhouhe Industrial Zone of Shapuwei, Shenzhen, China. The main office is along the Songgang Street in the Bao’an District.

The Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd factory is run by 10 audio product development and design engineers with over a decade of experience each, in the field. The guiding vision of Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd is to conceptualise the most innovative music products, and the way they intend to achieve this is by becoming an industry leader in the field of music electronic personality.

The company’s unique 300-service-spirit idea is one which must be adopted by most companies. According to this school of thought, the company pays attention to detail in design, does exceptional work and imbibes thoughtful service in every aspect of its process; all while giving 100% for each one of these steps.

The factory employs over 100 people and has been a stern advocate of the concept of “Based in Shenzhen, growing together with Shenzhen” which is one of the primary reasons why they have never chosen to relocate out of there. Devoted to the spirit of vigorous entrepreneurship, with a vision towards continuous knowledge and experience, Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd has continued to be on a trajectory of soaring growth. The company prides on recognising talents of ability and integrity in its employees and provides them with pragmatic solutions and a suitable platform to display and further cultivate their talents. This outlook helps create a win-win situation for both parties.

Shuyuan creates, develops, manufactures and sells audio-related products. The company’s best-selling products include earphones (USB-C, Bluetooth, Apple MFi compatible), amplifiers, adapters and car controllers. The largest markets of the Shuyuan company are developed nations like Europe, United States of America, Japan, Australia and the Middle East, to name a few.

In line with its belief of protecting intellectual property rights, the company obtained authorisations for a trademark from over 100 countries around the globe. At this moment, Shuyuan holds over 20 invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright. It is also ISO9002:2015 German TUV certified.

About the Product:

In the video, British Herald employee and industry expert, Dean Vilese, reviews the Shenzhen Shuyuan Keji Co Ltd USB Type-C Earphones.

The earphones are compatible with a wide range of devices owing to being a USB-C connector. The earphones are supported by iPad, Mac, PC and even Android phones, as most devices nowadays come with a USB-C port. This makes these earphones a viable go-to option for all of your audio needs.

The modern metallic finish of the earbuds boasts both style and comfort, the high-quality design makes it a viable choice for an unparalleled audio experience on a variety of devices. The earphones are the highest possible feature for the USB Type-C earphone and Vilese tests this out himself over the course of the video. The earphones are extremely light, due to its special 6mm micro moving coil, all while maintaining supreme audio quality and bass.

The earphone also has a built-in microphone with three button-controls to receive incoming calls while listening to music. The earphones are also battery-free and consume low power.

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