Biden's running mate to be announced this week: Source
September 26, 2020

Biden’s running mate to be announced this week: Source

WASHINGTON (US) – The Joe Biden campaign is all set to announce his running mate, said a source. The Democratic presidential candidate has also interviewed the finalists.

Biden and the potential vice president will formally accept Democratic nomination at the national convention of the party which is to be held from Aug 17-20. He is expected to announce the candidate before the event.

The former vice president during the tenure of Barack Obama is committed to choosing a woman as running mate. Some Democrats and activists want him to choose a Black.

If he does not do so, it could affect the morale of Black voters who are crucial to the Democrats as the nation is witnessing protests against racial prejudice.

Aimee Allison, founder of She the People that promotes women of colour in politics, said it would be a reckless decision if Biden did not nominate a woman of colour as running mate.

“It’s the most important decision the Biden camp can make to set the tone for the last 80 or so days,” she said. “Picking a Black woman for the ticket is affirmation that we are included in the vision of governance.”

Two of the top contenders are Senator Kamala Harris of California and former national security adviser Susan Rice and both of them are Black.

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