Biden camp fetches more funds than Trump for second consecutive month
January 15, 2021

Biden camp fetches more funds than Trump for second consecutive month

WASHINGTON (US) – For the second consecutive month in June, Democrat Joe Biden overtook Republican Donald Trump in raising funds for the campaign.

Democratic groups and Biden fetched more than $141 million while Trump and the Republicans raked in $131 million.

The amount fetched by each candidate has set new monthly records.

Biden who navigated the primary fight on a shoestring budget is gunning to bridge the fundraising gap ahead of the November 3 election.

Though Trump had the advantage of raking in funds soon after assuming office, his opponent’s fundraising gained momentum after his ratings rose in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis and the flurry of protests against police brutality.

Despite the coronavirus eroding the economy and straining wealthy benefactors, both Biden and Trump have amply demonstrated that they can raise huge funds to meet the expenses of television and internet advertisements as well as campaign staff.

While the president was able to fetch $14 million online during a campaign marking his birthday last month, Biden raked in more than $11 million last week during an event which was attended by former US President Barack Obama.

However, when compared to the president, the Biden camp is still at a disadvantage as far as funds are concerned. The Trump camp has collected more than $295 million in cash. But Biden on the other hand is yet to disclose the amount fetched so far.

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