Beijing to take 'necessary' steps in response to London's ban on Huawei
January 19, 2022

Beijing pledges to take ‘necessary’ steps in response to London’s ban on Huawei

BEIJING (CHINA) – Beijing commerce ministry said on Thursday that China will resort to necessary steps in response to Britain’s “discriminatory” ban on Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, adding that the move has severely dented the country’s hopes of investing in the UK.

“China is evaluating the UK actions that have betrayed free trade principles and will take necessary measures to resolutely defend Chinese firms’ legal rights,” said Gao Feng, the ministry’s spokesman.

On Wednesday, China warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the bid to purge Huawei equipment from the country’s 5G network would cost it dearly in terms of inestment.

The Chinese foreign ministry said the UK lost its independence on the matter of Huawei, urging the British government to make decisions in a responsible manner so that they are in line with its long-term interests.

The spokesperson urged the UK to “correct its wrong behaviour” and shied its trade deals with China.

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