Australia's Victoria records 216 new cases of coronavirus infections
November 23, 2020

Australia’s Victoria records 216 new cases of coronavirus infections

SYDNEY (AUSTRALIA) -Victoria, which is Australia’s second most-populous state, recorded as many as 216 new cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday. The number was 288 a day earlier.

“We will see more and more additional cases. This is going to be with us for months and months,” said Victoria premier Daniel Andrews.

“Nobody is enjoying being locked at home. It is frustrating, it is challenging, but the strategy will be successful if we all play our part.”

With a population of 25 million people, Victoria is the first state in the country to order people to wear masks. It aimed at the residents of Melbourne.

The other seven states and territories saw only 11 new cases on Saturday. They have banned the entry of people from Victoria over fears of local transmission. Earlier, authorities had attribute the new cases to people returning from abroad.

Australia deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth said it was early to say whether community transmission had spread from Victoria to other states and territories.

“We are all on high alert,” he said. “It is fair to say that the next couple of days are critical.”

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