Artprice and Cision extend their alliance to 119 countries to become the world's leading press agency dedicated to the Art Market, NFTs and the Metaverse - British Herald
November 27, 2021
Fintech Artprice and Cision extend their alliance to 119 countries to become the world’s leading press agency dedicated to the Art Market, NFTs and the Metaverse

PARIS, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artprice by Artmarket – whose reference shareholders are Server Group®, an Internet pioneer in Europe since 1985, and Cision® (PR Newswire) – are pleased to announce the extension of their globally unique alliance for the distribution of news feeds to 119 countries.

This extended partnership confirms Cision as the official distributor of news and content for the World Leader in Art Market information, Artprice by Artmarket.

According to Frédéric Dumas, Cision France’s Sales Vice-President : “Cision supports global brands that are respected around the world. Pursuing and strengthening our partnership with gives Cision the opportunity to be at the forefront technology innovation in the Art market and the world of Digital Art.

For thierry Ehrmann, founder of Artprice and CEO of “This alliance with Cision, now serving 119 countries, allows us to reach emerging countries on all continents, which already have a considerable lead over the ‘West’ in terms of crypto, Blockchain and NFTs. This strategic alliance is based on 21 years of mutual respect and daily practice between Cision PR Newswire and Artprice by Artmarket.

Over the past 120 years Cision has slowly but surely built a global news distribution network recognized by more than 100,000 reputable clients in the financial sector. Cision is also the global leader in PR & Influence Software.

With its database of 1.6 million journalists and media outlets, Cision diffuses high value-added news and information to all five continents of the globe.

This latest agreement is the direct result of the long-standing relationship over two decades between Artprice and Cision, both powerful leaders in their respective markets.

According to thierry Ehrmann: “Cision’s newswire exceeds industry standards for news dissemination. It allows Artprice to reach a larger public, which now represents approximately 900 million art enthusiasts, collectors, market professionals (galleries, auction houses and institutions/museums) and has recently expanded to include a whole new younger population of artists, creators and consumers galvanized by the art market’s links with the crypto-verse and the emergence of NFTs and the Metaverse”.

This geographically extended daily newsfeed will reach deep into  119 ‘developed’ and ’emerging countries. Some of the latter are at forefront of the NFT phenomenon, carried by communities of artists who are changing the world to a new paradigm where the artist becomes the principal player at the very heart of the art market. This evolution is perfectly in line with our long held convictions and our recent Manifesto.

Artprice already has an open community of 765,000 artists and 5.4 million actively contributing members, including 4.5 million collectors and art enthusiasts as well as 900,000 art professionals.

Through this alliance with Cision – now extended to 119 countries – Artprice by Artmarket is reaching out to new worlds… and their parallel universes.

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