Apple's latest 5G-compatible iPhone 12 hits Chinese stores
November 23, 2020

Apple’s latest 5G-compatible iPhone 12 hits Chinese stores

SHANGHAI (CHINA) – Two of Apple’s iPhone 12 models entered the Chinese market on Friday and pre-order data revealed strong consumer interest in the 5G device. Most orders were online and it was evident from the short queues outside Apple stores in Shanghai.

“I feel great being the first customer to get the new iPhone,” said Yan Bingqing, 30, who came very early even before the store opened. “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

On Chinese app Weibo, a trending topic on Friday was the new green shade for the iPhone 12.

When Apple made the announcement last week, it drew mixed reviews in China. However, analysts expect a surge in demand later this year as iPhone enthusiasts buy new 5G handsets.

According to e-commerce retailer, pre-orders for all four models of the iPhone 12 hit 1.6 million the day they were announced.

“From the bottom of my heart, it’s a little bit late for Apple to release the 5G iPhone,” said Zhu Lin, another Apple fan who had queued. “I was expecting it last year.”

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