Apple pushes iPhone recycling with the 'Daisy' robot
October 27, 2020

Apple pushes iPhone recycling with ‘Daisy’ robot

AUSTIN, Texas – Apple Inc is looking to redefine the recycling of electronics using a robot which disassembles iPhones to recover and reuse minerals.

They acknowledge the increased worldwide demand for electronics necessitating new mines.

California-based Cupertino says that the robot is part of a closed-loop manufacturer plan which does not rely on mining. This is an aggressive goal which analysts in the industry consider to be impossible.

Mining executives note that with the increasing electric vehicle popularity, minerals which are newly mined would be needed on a larger scale even more and this is a reality which Apple recognises.

Lisa Jackson, the company’s head of environment, policy and social said that they are not in competition with the mining companies and that miners need not fear anything in this development.

In a warehouse in Texas, a robot called ‘Daisy’ takes apart iPhones to extract and recycle 14 minerals (including Lithium).

The recycled tin, cobalt and rare-earth is already being used by Apple, and there are plans to add to the list. Last month, a batch of carbon-free aluminium was bought by the company from a joint venture between Rio Tinto and Alcoa.

The smaller than 20-yard long robot ‘Daisy’ employs a four-step process to remove the battery of the iPhone with -80 Celsius degree air which makes it pop out modules and screws including the haptic module. It can rip up 200 iPhones an hour.

Due to the mass popularity of the iPhone, it was one of the first products to be disassembled by Apple.

The components finally head out to recyclers for extraction and refining recyclers.

Apple is thinking of sharing ‘Daisy’ technology to other companies especially electric automakers.

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