Top tribunal clears charges against world 400m champion Naser
June 24, 2021

Anti-doping norm violation: Top tribunal clears charges against world 400m champion Naser

LONDON (UK) – Salwa Eid Naser, world 400 metres champion, has been cleared of flouting an anti-doping rule. This comes in the wake of a World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal dismissing the charges.

The 22-year-old clinched gold at the World Championships in Doha last year. She was charged and suspended by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) in June.

As per the World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules, a combination of three whereabouts failures — filing failures or missed tests — within a year is considered an anti-doping violation.

Those found guilty of whereabouts failures are likely to face a two-eyar ban or a minimum of one year.

In her case, the tribunal upheld three of the four AIU charges against her, which include a filing failure effective Jan. 1, 2019, and two missed tests, on March 12 last year and Jan. 24 this year.

But it stood favourably with Naser in the third alleged missed test on April 12, 2019, and that led to the dismissal of charges as the three whereabout failures did not occur within a 12-month rolling period.

“This was a case very much on the borderline and we hope the athlete will learn from the experience and heed the AIU’s warnings,” the tribunal said in a statement

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