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January 21, 2022

Ancient Nutrition Launches First Clinically Studied Collagen Peptides for Results in as Little as One Day

NASHVILLE – Ancient Nutrition, the leading regenerative agriculture brand committed to saving the world with superfoods, is launching an innovative new line of Collagen Peptides – a first of its kind formula that delivers results in as little as one day. Collagen Peptides are made with clinically studied ingredients to support resilient skin, strong nails and hair, flexible joints, a healthy gut and more. Designed for maximum absorption, Ancient Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides are focused on results, from head-to-toe.

Ancient Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides have the following clinically demonstrated benefits:

  • Provides support for your healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, and gut†
  • Supports hair growth†
  • Improves the appearance of crow’s feet†
  • Reduces joint discomfort and helps joints recover faster†
  • Reduces collagen degradation with noticeable results†
  • 100% DV Vitamin C + Probiotics support a healthy immune system† (Immune formula only)

The line is available in the following flavors and formats:Unflavored, Vanilla, Orange (Immune Support) andTablets. Collagen Peptides will be available on the Ancient Nutrition store site and Amazon as well as in Sprouts, HEB, Independent Natural Retailers, Meijer, Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger and Target beginning in October, Whole Foods Market in January, and many other natural and conventional retailers in the coming months.

Ancient Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides are formulated with sustainably sourced fermented eggshell membrane collagen from chickens raised in the US and grass-fed, pasture raised bovine collagen. The formula uses hydrolyzed collagen, which means the collagen and amino acids are broken up into smaller units that are easily absorbed. Additionally, the fermentation process used in this product uses select microorganisms to boost the availability of nutrients – making them easier to digest.

“Collagen peptides are small units of protein that are generally easily absorbed and allow amino acids to go to work, supporting overall health,” says Ancient Nutrition co-founder Dr. Josh Axe. “Ancient Nutrition’s Collagen Peptides are a great way to support healthy nutrient absorption, support healthy joint comfort and mobility, support healthy skin, hairs and nails, and improve exercise recovery – and is one of the superfood supplements I incorporate into my family’s diet every day.”

With the launch of Collagen Peptides, Ancient Nutrition furthers its commitment to its R.A.N.C.H. program (Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrition & Climate Health) and their own farm (and HQ), the Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Sustainability based in Middle Tennessee. All of the accessible waste material and by-product created when they produce their fermented collagen is composted and used to grow other crops – some of which will become ingredients in other Ancient Nutrition products. Each initiative they undertake reduces greenhouse gases by avoiding emissions, reducing waste, and sequestering carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere. Ancient Nutrition’s goal is simple: give back to the soil, instead of just taking from it.

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