Amid EU probe, Microsoft updates data privacy terms
January 15, 2021

Amid EU probe, Microsoft updates data privacy terms

BRUSSELS- On Monday, Microsoft is updating privacy terms of the commercial cloud contracts. This came not so long after European regulators found its deals with EU institutions failed at data protection in line with EU law.

In April, EU’s data watchdog called EDPS opened up an investigation to ascertain if the company’s contracts with the European Commission and other EU institutions met data protection rules. The investigations raised concerns regarding compliance in October.

Regarding the matter, Microsoft has released a statement on the official website stating that they “will increase our data protection responsibilities for a subset of processing that Microsoft engages in when we provide enterprise services.”

Microsoft is the only major cloud provider to give such terms in the European Economic Area and beyond and they expect to offer the new provisions to public sector and enterprise customers in early 2020.

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