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Amazon’s Bezos invests in digital freight forwarder Beacon

(Technology) – Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos picked British startup Beacon for his latest investment.

The digital freight forwarder, on Sunday, announced that over $15 million has been raised by them in Series A fundraising. Investors included Amazon’s Jeff Bezos along with venture capital firm 8VC.

Beacon was formed two years ago by two ex-Uber executives and has been backed by the founders of the ride-sharing company and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

It also doubles as a supply chain finance firm offer real-time data regarding cargo delivery and offers a marketplace view of rates of global shipping.

“With digitalisation accelerating globally as a result of COVID-19, we believe the future of the traditional freight forwarder is more precarious than ever.”

– Fraser Robinson, Beacon CEO

Beacon’s logistic services include global ocean, air and truck freight. The funds raised will go towards new hires, technology and market expansion.

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