After Queen's Speech, Johnson prioritises Brexit and health

After Queen’s Speech, PM Johnson prioritises Brexit and health

LONDON- On Thursday, British PM Boris Johnson is all set to honour and work on his election-winning pledges to quickly get Brexit done and to boost funds to the national health service.

During the ceremony marking new parliament, Queen Elizabeth reads out the laws that the government would like approval from the House of Commons for. The Speech will also highlight Boris Johnson’s priorities following his commanding victory in the national election last week.

Johnson won over many traditional opposition Labour party supporters in central and northern England and his proclamations of leading a “people’s government” and fulfilling the pledge to “get Brexit done” had a major role to play.

The Speech would also include new legislation that Johnson has vowed to agree with EU before 2020 year-end. The plan is to pass the necessary laws to finalise the divorce agreement by Jan 31st.

Johnson also intends on spending more time on Britain’s much appreciated yet struggling National Health Service by placing a priority on guaranteeing fund increases- by 2023- 2024, up to an extra 33.9 billion pounds per year.

“The NHS is the single greatest institution in this country,” he told a reception of health workers late on Wednesday. “We are now putting the biggest investment in the NHS in living memory. We have to keep that investment going.”

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