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October 5, 2022
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DESIGNING AFRICA’S TOURISM PLAYBOOK >>> A HYBRID OF CULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY. My Beautiful Africa a Travel Technology Company based in Lagos Nigeria is organising  the fourth  edition of the  TOURISM AND TECHNOLOGY  SUMMIT  AFRICA  (HYBRID EDITION)  with the theme  DESIGNING AFRICA’S TOURISM PLAYBOOK>>> A HYBRID OF

Tourism is the development trend of Guizhou

TONGREN – On Fanjing Mountain, cloud shrouds the peaks and the clear stream winds among the mountains. At the foot of Fanjing Mountain, hot springs surge to nourish people’s body and mind. History and culture have shaped unique ancient towns and streets, telling the stories of the past. From September 24 to 28, the invited […]

Singapore explores ways to boost local tourism

SINGAPORE CITY (SINGAPORE) – Singapore tourism board head said on Wednesday that the sector was facing an existential crisis. The city state has also rolled out plans to boost local demand following the sharp drop in the number of visitors because of the coronavirus curbs. The country witnessed the arrival of a record 19.1 million […]