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Finland is in favour of applying for NATO membership

Finland’s president and prime minister say they favour applying for NATO membership. Helsinki (Finland)- Finland’s President and Prime Minister said Thursday that the country should apply to join NATO “without delay.” paving the way for the alliance to expand amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. Finland’s extraordinary move was made in a joint statement by President […]

Putin hails victory day, not a word on Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine) – With no major new battlefield successes to brag about, Russian President Vladimir Putin observed his country’s biggest  patriotic holiday without even mentioning the word “Ukraine,” as the Kremlin’s forces had made little to no progress in their latest offensive. The Russian President presided over a Victory Day parade

Russia marks WWII victory shadowed by Ukraine

Impeccably straight columns of soldiers will march through Red Square on Monday as they do every year on Victory Day. Tanks, armored personnel carriers and transports carrying huge intercontinental ballistic missiles will rattle across the paving stones. But this year’s observance of Russia’s most important patriotic holiday carries exceptional weight. The annual show in