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November 28, 2022
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Why didn’t China send troops to aid Kazakhstan?

BEIJING — China gave strong verbal backing to Kazakhstan’s leader for his deadly crackdown to quell violent unrest, but stood aside as Russia sent in special forces troops. Resource-rich Kazakhstan, on China’s western border, has economic and strategic importance for Beijing and is an important link in its “Belt and Road” infrastructure initiative to expand […]

What’s behind unrest rocking oil-rich Kazakhstan

MOSCOW — Kazakhstan is experiencing the worst street protests the country has seen since gaining independence three decades ago. Government buildings have been set ablaze and at least eight law enforcement officers have been killed. The outburst of instability is causing significant concern in Kazakhstan’s two powerful neighbors: Russia and China. The country sells most
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Unprecedented mass protests grip Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s president has said he will take over the position of its long-running leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, in the face of unprecedented protests that have erupted in the Central Asian country. Mass protests are sweeping towns and cities across Kazakhstan, with thousands of protesters seizing government buildings and overrunning police, shaking the authoritarian regime