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Global child and adolescent health targets in jeopardy without urgent, comprehensive reform, experts warn

With 8.6 million deaths reported globally among stillbirths, children, and adolescents up to 20 years of age in 2019, achieving targets to reduce child and adolescent mortality by 2030 remains a global challenge. Economic inequality continues to drive disparities in health outcomes, with children who face early life poverty being at least twice as likely […]

Stricter COVID-19 measures associated with negative mental health effects and lower opinion of government’s pandemic response, new research suggests

The mental health of people in countries that tried to control virus transmission was more impacted by COVID-19 than that of people in countries that tried to suppress transmission. Physical distancing restrictions were more closely linked to mental health than were closures of schools, workplaces, public transport, cancellations of public events, and restrictions on

US ‘vulnerable’ to COVID without new shots

WASHINGTON — White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha issued a dire warning Thursday that the U.S. will be increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus this fall and winter if Congress doesn’t swiftly approve new funding for more vaccines and treatments. In an Associated Press interview, Jha said Americans’ immune protection from the virus is waning, […]