Biden dismisses Trump's claim that COVID-19 vaccine is weeks away
October 3, 2022

Biden dismisses Trump’s claim that COVID-19 vaccine is weeks away

WASHINGTON (US) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday rejected the suggestion of President Donald Trump that a vaccine for COVID-19 may be only weeks away. He warned Americans that they cannot believe the words of the president.

“The idea that there’s going to be a vaccine and everything’s gonna be fine tomorrow – it’s just not rational,” he said in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, the president had said that a vaccine could be ready for distribution ahead of the presidential poll.

A good number of health experts, including Robert Redfield, who heads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have opined that a shot would not be available until the middle of next year.

Meanwhile, the president has blamed Biden for spreading “anti-vaccine rhetoric”. On the other hand, the Democrat leader has stressed he will listen to scientists, not the president, when it comes to the safety of a vaccine.

During the event, Biden launched stinging criticism against Trump over the manner in which he handled the epidemic. He also pointed out the president’s admission to journalist Bob Woodward that he deliberately downplayed the disease’s ferocity.

“He knew it and did nothing,” Biden said. “It’s close to criminal.”

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