Macron plants cedar sapling to mark centenary of birth of Lebanon
October 5, 2022
Middle East

Macron plants cedar sapling to mark centenary of birth of Lebanon

BEIRUT (LEBANON) – By planting a cedar tree, which is the symbol of Lebanon, French President Emmanuel Macron marked the nation’s centenary on Tuesday. The Middle Eastern country is collapsing because of a devastating economic crisis.

During his second visit in less than a month, Macron is expected to urge the bickering leaders of the country to initiate economic reforms to steer it out of crisis.

“It’s the last chance for this system,” Macron told POLITICO in an interview while travelling to Beirut on Monday. “It’s a risky bet I’m making, I am aware of it … I am putting the only thing I have on the table: my political capital.”

Since the 1975-1990 civil war, the country is facing its biggest threats in the form of a massive economic crisis, a deadly explosion in Beirut port last month and sectarian strife.

He planted the cedar sapling at a forest reserve in the mountains northeast of the capital to symbolise the confidence in the resurgence of the country.

French fighter aircraft flew overhead leaving columns of smoke in red, white and green, symbolising the national colours of Lebanon.

Lebanon gained independence from French rule in 1943.

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