'Vast majority' of employees can work from home till 2021: RBS
December 3, 2022

‘Vast majority’ of employees can work from home till 2021: RBS

LONDON (UK) – The Royal Bank of Scotland has told its employees that the “vast majority” can continue to work remotely until 2021 although the British government decided last week to do away with guidelines asking people to work from home from next month.

RBS said in a memo that it would extend the provision to work from home for more than 50,000 employees until 2021. Earlier, it was extended from September.

“Like we’ve done throughout the pandemic the decision has been made carefully, including considering the latest guidance from the UK Government on Friday and our own health and safety standards and procedures. It’s a cautious approach but we feel the right one to take currently,” the RBS memo said.

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