A Masquerade Ball Unlike Any Other- Venice in Warsaw 2020
September 30, 2022

A Masquerade Ball Unlike Any Other!

Venice in Warsaw 2020

WARSAW – On the 29th of February 2020, the Elite Club of Monaco has extended an invitation to VIP guests to participate in Venice Grand Masked Ball and the Miss Elite 2020 pageant. The event shall also include a Charity banquet- all taking place at the spectacular Palace Zamoyski, Warsaw! 

Traverse the 1200-kilometre distance between Venice and Poland in a split second- the Palace Zamoyski plays host to all of your Venetian dreams with this incredible event! 

Here are the highlights from last year’s event:

Wine, Dine and Unwind! 

The Grand Venetian Masked Ball kicks off with a classy champagne reception in the Palace Zamoyski followed by a gala dinner complete with a service of fine wines. The Royal Banquet prepared by topnotch chefs of the country. 

Surround yourself with other elite guests dressed in their best in this exclusive black-tie event with mysterious masquerades and elaborate costumery. Watch models walk down the ramp in stylish outfits and body art, artistic shows, marvellous pylon dances.  

The guests are also treated to a spectacle of the Miss Elite 2020 pageant Grande Finale. This is the highlight of the evening and shall feature 20 of the most beautiful and smartest ladies compete to earn the title of Polish Grace Kelly! 

The enchanting evening is complete with the best of entertainment. Songs from musicals come to life around you at this spectacular venue and marvel at a live performance from world-famous Opera diva Delia Grace Noble from Monaco. 

It’s sure to be an evening to remember…

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