Liz Truss slams cost of living 'handouts' as 'Gordon Brown economics'- BH
September 30, 2022

Liz Truss slams cost of living ‘handouts’ as ‘Gordon Brown economics’

London(UK)- Liz Truss slammed giving “handouts” to struggling Brits amidst the deepening cost of living deepens as “Gordon Brown economics”.

The Tory leadership ‘frontrunner’ repeatedly criticised Mr Brown, the former Prime Minister who earnestly pleas for Tories to come together and tackle the crisis before kids go hungry earlier this week.

She was last week accused of making her second U-turn of the contest over handouts after her allies claimed she would not rule out giving support to millions of struggling Brits.

Tonight she appeared to make light of the idea of handouts, speaking at a Tory hustings event in Darlington.

Asked about what she would do to deal with rising fuel prices, Ms Truss told the audience: “We are facing great difficulties with energy.

“I understand people are struggling with their bills on fuel and food, but the first thing we should do as Conservatives are help people have more of their own money.

“I don’t support taking money off people in tax and then giving it back to them in handouts. That to me is Gordon Brown economics.”

She added: “Frankly, we had years of that under Labour and what we got was a slow-growth economy, and we didn’t get the opportunities, we didn’t get the enterprise, we didn’t get the new jobs in places like Darlington, which is one of the reasons people voted.

“They voted Conservative because they want to see enterprise, they want to see new opportunities, and that is why it is so important that we don’t raise taxes, that we keep taxes low and also we abolish these EU rules that are holding back investment into our country.”

Rishi Sunak said he thought it was “wrong” that Ms Truss “has ruled out direct support to families”.

Mr Sunak even claimed he would welcome sitting down with his rival and the outgoing Prime Minister to thrash out an emergency package of support before bills soar again in October.

But Ms Truss snubbed the idea as “bizarre”.

“We have a Chancellor, Nadhim Zahawi, a Prime Minister, who are in those jobs until September. I think it would be constitutionally deeply undesirable to try and overrule them with a made-up committee of the CBI, me and Rishi Sunak.”

She said the Prime Minister and Chancellor are “capable people, capable of making these decisions”.

The former Chancellor suggested he would not offer further cash payments to every household and would instead target support at the most vulnerable

Speaking at Tory leadership hustings in Darlington, Mr Sunak, asked if he is prepared to spend another £15.3 billion to help families with the rising cost of living, said: “I don’t think that will be necessary because what we are talking about now… is the extra increase on top of what we thought.

“We already thought bills would go up to £3,000 when we announced that support.”

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