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August 11, 2022

Mauritius: Great place for a family holiday this summer

The island of Mauritius offers world-class luxury resorts, fabulous beaches, and nature reserves that will keep young ones entertained for hours, making it a great place to travel during summer holidays with the family and children.

Most resorts have kids’ clubs where dedicated staff look after younger guests, and where specially planned activities and events are on offer. Amusement parks, museums, sports activities, and nature trails are also to be found throughout the island and will be memorable experiences for the whole family.

The temperature in Mauritius is moderate. So, you will rest assuring that your children will not suffer from the sun heat. Mauritius is a Muslim-friendly nation as 17% of the population are Muslims and the restaurants serve a wide range of Halal food Muslims can find many prayer facilities in every part of the Island. Besides, conservative families can have private accommodation with pools to enjoy their privacy.

Here are some of the thrilling activities that family visitors can enjoy on this beautiful island:

Feeding Giraffes & Walking with Lions: Whether travellers are looking for an adrenaline rush or a gentle escapade, Mauritius has something to offer for each mode. Travellers can enjoy going on a Safari Trip close to African animals on the tropical island. They will also have the opportunity to feed a giraffe or walk with the lions.

Mauritius is also a host to fascinating birds and animals. Children will enjoy outings where they can see, touch and learn about the wide variety of creatures, both big and small. Children are introduced to giant tortoises that have lived for 100 years. These massive centenarians are a sight to behold. Also, they will meet the Mauritian Kestrel or the rare Pink Pigeon. And the bright-hued Macaws, there are also 1,500 Nile crocodiles living there. The visitors can take a picture of a baby crocodile in the palm of their hand as a unique souvenir.

Zipping Away: Zip lining is an exciting way to take in the breathtaking surroundings and a magnificent view of the forest canopy. There are zip lines of different lengths, heights, and speeds to choose from, allowing adventurers to discover diverse landscapes while experiencing the adrenaline rush at the same time. Mauritius boasts the most extended zip lines in the Indian Ocean. Zipline activities is at many sites around the island. They are becoming an increasingly popular activity for families.

At Home with Dolphins: An early morning one-on-one with marine life makes for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Dolphins love the warm Mauritian waters and are often seen playing in the bay. As the sun rises, before heading back to the open sea. In Mauritius, visitors will have a unique opportunity to see these adorable marine mammals in their natural habitat.

With the five direct flights by Saudi Airlines from Jeddah and the daily flights by Emirates from Dubai, a destination is a perfect place to spend unforgettable moments with beloved families and kids and to escape the hot summer times.

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