28th Beggars Fair is all set to takes over the town- British Herald
August 11, 2022
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Beggar’s Fair 2022: Romsey’s free music, dance and street entertainment festival is back

Romsey (UK)- Music, dance and street entertainment will finally return once again to Romsey. The 28th Beggars Fair is all set to take over the town. Expect to see, hear and enjoy over 90 acts spread over 20+ venues. And all for Free at Romsey’s annual Summer Music Festival.

Throughout the streets and in venues all around the town, the best of local musicians bring you an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, blues, soul, rock, bluegrass, classical and world music. Together with colourful dance displays and children’s entertainment, there is plenty of entertainment on offer.

From big noisy bands on the Cornmarket main stage to intimate acoustic music in tranquil gardens, cheerful pub sessions and spellbinding storytelling there truly is something for everyone.

What is a Beggars Fair? When did it all begin? Where is the missing apostrophe?

Well some say that back in the mists of time there was a day in Romsey on which all the beggars were given a licence to beg legally in the town without fear of arrest and this day has been celebrated ever since…

Others say it’s all just mischievous nonsense spread about by people who should know better. But the Beggars Fair has been an annual music event in Romsey since its first outing in 1993. Starting then with just a handful of performers the Cornmarket crowd sat on straw bales. It has grown to 2018’s with 90+ acts in multiple venues.

Plus there is now the Beggars Fair Stage at The Romsey Show in September too!

It will be available from The Information Stands in The Cornmarket and at the Abbey Stage. From 9 am on Saturday 9th July.

Errors or changes to the programme or running order will appear on the Errata & Updates page.

The running order with the start and finish times won’t be listed on this website for free. With no ticketed venues, the programme constitutes a significant proportion of our revenue. This programme is the festival ‘ticket’ if you like.

However, it does kick off at 10:30 am on Saturday 9th July on The Cornmarket & Abbey Stages and then all around Romsey until 10 pm.

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