Arab Men’s Fashion Week kicks off with innovative designs  - British Herald
August 11, 2022

Arab Men’s Fashion Week kicks off with innovative designs 

Dubai(UAE)- Arab Men’s Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday with five designers from around the world presenting their latest drops to fashion lovers in Dubai Design District.

Lebanese brand Maison du Mec, London-based label Permu, Filipino creative Rian Fernandez and Emirati streetwear label KA-1 showcased their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. 

The opening show, a collaboration between Swiss tech accessories brand Ferronato and Maison du Mec, was a mash-up between fashion and technology.

Award-winning magicians and mentalists James Harrington and Marina Liani opened the show with a 10-minute mind-reading and magical-effects performance.

The collaboration featured soft leather backpacks, micro smartphone cases, multi-functional clutches and slouchy drawstring bags in shades of blue and burgundy. 

A life-size robotic dog, representing Ferronato’s innovative accessories, closed the show.

For Maison du Mec’s solo show, Lebanon-based designer Joseph Achajian presented the traditional pillars of suiting – jackets, crisp white shirts and trousers – with a modern twist.

For Permu, designers Heyun Pan and Jing Qian presented daily ensembles and occasion wear that featured skin-tight tops, bucket hats, backwards-facing blazers and jackets with cut slits, puffed sleeves and exaggerated shoulder pads. 

Filipino designer Fernandez is known for his couture looks that are driven by his love for the traditional artisanal craft. He constructed a wardrobe full of crystals and elaborate beading made by local craftspeople. 

KA-1’s show featured streetwear with multifunctional pockets, quirky straps and elastic tapering on trousers in desert tones of ecru, khaki and olive green.

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