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October 4, 2022
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The Institute of Analytics (IoA) launches the new Analyst Competency Framework at the Houses of Parliament

London (UK)- The Institute of Analytics, the professional body for analytics & data science in the UK and internationally, has launched a ground breaking new initiative to allow individuals to become fully data literate and thrive in the data age.

Called the Analyst Competency Framework and hosted by Martyn Day, MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk, in the House of Commons on Wednesday 22nd June, the Framework will help bridge the skills gap companies and their employees need to get ahead as data becomes more prevalent in everyday life.

For individuals, the benefits will extend beyond their professional lives, as they will be able to apply the insights and skills acquired to inform their life decisions.

The Framework aims to level the playing field, whereby data analysis skills are acquired and applied by all, so they are no longer the preserve of computer experts.

It enables educators to lay out steps for individuals to become better equipped to work with decisions reached by humans and machines. It can be adopted by those already embarked upon their careers, or students taking a fast-track route through university training.

In his introduction to the launch of the Framework, Mr Day commented: “Analytics and data science is a very exciting field because of the pace of change and the technology, but it’s also impacting on every aspect of our lives.”

Dr. Clare Walsh, Head of Education at the Institute of Analytics explained the need for the Framework: “In the 1990s, the Digital Revolution brought about a seismic shift in how we communicate, consume and interact with the world in general. For the tech-savvy younger generations, brought up in the digital age, this is second nature. Older generations have learned to embrace digital technology and today the world spins online.

“But we’ve now progressed through the Digital Revolution to the data age, and we need to equip individuals and organisations to adapt as data becomes ever more sophisticated and prevalent in all of our lives.

“The ability for organisations and individuals to understand how to analyse data and apply that analysis to everyday decisions will become increasingly important as an essential life skill. Individuals will use that to further their careers and benefit organisations. The Analyst Competency Framework will go a long way to meeting those collective requirements.”

The Framework provides a route map for professional development in four key skill areas, leading to professional membership of the IoA. The Institute additionally provides training programmes aligned to the Framework in a flexible way to allow new innovations to be incorporated as they come to maturity in this fast-moving field.

Guests at the event included the heads of several universities, business schools looking to partner with the IoA in introducing the Framework, as well as representatives from International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC); one of the founding members at the IoA.

The Institute of Analytics is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to advancing the study, application and standing of analytics & data science in society, working with governments, academia and industry to promote co-operation, research and employment growth in the fields of analytics & data science.

Membership of the IoA provides networking opportunities, Continuous Professional Development programmes and official designation of the Institute at Associate member status and above to indicate qualifications, skills and experience.

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