The UAE will become an ecological hub for this region as well- Sadhguru
November 29, 2022

That one Question…

Sadhguru Exclusive with British Herald

Your LIFE MISSION is to create a sustainable future through your immense passion for the environment. The UAE government’s intricate projects have always piqued the world’s interest because they work wonders on this dry terrain. Could you please comment on how closely they match your global perspective?

I am sure UAE will become an ecological hub for this region as well- SAdhguru

The UAE government has been the most progressive. There is probably no other country in the world which has gone from being a remote desert habitation to the hub of the world in a matter of fifty years. This has happened because of visionary leadership. And because the necessary work is being done on the ground, I am sure UAE will become an ecological hub for this region as well.

The simple thing is this: if you add organic content to sand, it becomes soil. If you take away all the organic content from the soil, it becomes sand. Right now, UAE is adding organic content to sand and making it into soil. It is a commendable direction that they have taken. When the rest of the world is busy turning fertile lands into deserts, it is wonderful to see that here, deserts are being converted into fertile lands.

I just visited the Emirates Bio Farm. It is beautiful that they have turned sand dunes into fertile soils, but it is still not commercially viable. We also went to the mangrove plantation, which is fantastic. Normally, mangroves grow only in soils with up to 30–32% salinity. But even in 41% salinity at this farm, these trees have not only survived but are thriving and expanding. The scale is not enough, because turning a desert into agricultural land is an enormous effort and expense, but these examples in the harshest climate are very important.

UAE is the 74th nation which has expressed its intention of being part of Save Soil, and we have also signed an MoU with them. And it is hosting COP28. Putting all this together, I think the UAE can take a leadership role in ecology in this region.

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