Business Experts Debate; The Transformation of the workplace
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Business Experts Debate; The Transformation of the workplace

As businesses are finding getting workers back in the office – where is it going so wrong and why are businesses facing a personnel backlash?
Is remote and hybrid working hampering the success of businesses, or has there been a surge in productivity and retention of employees?
A leading panel of experts will be debating this in London and Edinburgh this May and would like audience members with an opinion to join.

London (UK)- As businesses continue to manage the transformation of work, fuelled by technology and accelerated by the pandemic, companies face a backlash from employees. As seen in the recent resignations of senior officials following Apple’s new three-day return to the official policy.

Since 2020, businesses have had to juggle their interaction needs with the needs of the employees and customers. With no correct solution, no easy path to follow, and no real examples to emulate, many leaders are left with more questions than answers.

World-leading work futurist and author Sophie Wade will be chairing her first ever UK live panel discussions in London and Edinburgh this May.

Panel Breakfast Briefing: Managing the Transformation of/at Work

Are you trying to figure out what work arrangements your company needs to offer to retain the talent you need? How well is the senior team at your company adapting to new business conditions? How confident are you that middle managers engage their teams to meet customers’ unique and changing demands? What issues are lingering from the pandemic that needs priority attention? Do you have concerns about attracting new, young recruits?

Do you have questions that keep you up at night about how to navigate a challenging marketplace? Now the Future of Work has arrived, accelerated by the pandemic, the technology-driven business environment is faster-paced and less predictable. Employees must respond more quickly and solve more complex issues in teams. Executives face unprecedented challenges as we emerge from the pandemic and try to forge a new way forward.

London Event Details:

The Panel: Martyn Sakol, Managing Partner, OE Cam. Sabrina Del Prete, Founder and CEO, Kore Labs, Angus Ridgway, CEO, Potentialife, Haddy Davies, CEng MIChemE

Location: Venue 1, 229 Great Portland Street, London, Greater London, W1W 5PN

Registration and attendance are entirely FREE

Register here:

Edinburgh Event Details:

The Panel: Paul Reid, Founder and CEO at Trickle; Zahra Hedges, CEO, Winning Scotland; Neil Stevenson, CEO, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission; Adam Tuckwell, Managing Director at Mobas.

Location: The Scotsman Hotel, 20 North Bridge, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH1 1TR

Registration and attendance are entirely FREE

Register here:

The two events offer UK business leaders and HR professionals the opportunity to engage with peers, network with likeminded people and debate what the future could be. Audience participation is encouraged during the event.

Anyone registered will be provided with an attendance certificate which can be used to log points against CPD programmes.

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